Voice Over for your project

Voice over for web pages, audiobooks, e-learning, podcasts and others.

There are so many voice over projects that we can work together. I do voice overs for apps, e-learning projects, or many kind of narration recordings as well, it may be for a documentary or for educational purposes.

Did you notice that most web pages are mute? Let your website speak for it self! Contact me to send you a proposal according to the structure of your webpage and increase your business.

Well, it does not matter, if you already know what you need, send us your script to give you a more specific quote, and if you do not have a script yet , don’t worry! we elaborate it without additional cost for you and according to the specific needs of your project.

  • Client

    Audio and voice over projects

  • Skills

    • Audiobooks
    • e-learning
    • podcast
    • narrations
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