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Close, warm voiceover, totally away from the institutional, promoting unity through travel.
alimentación, Locutora, Locutora comercial, Locución maternal, food, voice-over, commercial voice-over, motherly voice-over


Voiceover for a TV campaign to promote a children's supplement. This fresh, maternal style voiceover seeks to connect with moms and generate confidence about the recommended product.
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Voiceover for TV spot and social networks of this renowned diaper brand. Fresh maternal voice to connect with that audience of moms looking for the best for their babies.


Voiceover for Citibanamex anti-fraud campaign. A very important campaign to alert all cardholders of the different ways in which they can be victims of crime by stealing data or personal information to gain access to their bank account.
locutora, voz femenina, locutora profesional, maja, belleza, voice-over artist, female voice, professional voice-over artist, maja, beauty


Voiceover for TV and Social Media campaign featuring different women with unique personalities, strong, determined and authentic women. All of them, they're all nice.
Videojuego, Locutora, Locutora comercial, Nintendo, Locución, Video game, Voice over, Commercial voice over, Nintendo, Voice over, Nintendo


Voiceover for digital campaign for the launch of a video game with one of the most emblematic characters of Nintendo Switch.
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Voiceover for a social media commercial merging Bimbo and Nescafé. A dynamic voiceover was sought to convey the excitement of a new promotion resulting from these two great brands.
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Voiceover for software and hardware that helps to make simple collections at a point of sale. I have had the opportunity to record different contents for Square with specific instructions to guide users in its use and help them get the most out of this platform.
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Institutional voice-over for this Lenten campaign, which sought to promote different ways to find delicious recipes that did not include fish as the main ingredient.
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Voiceover for a campaign launched by the government of Chiapas to promote the beauties and progress of the state. We looked for a closer voice-over, outside the institutional, that would have a greater connection with the people and break with what is customary in political content.
locutora, locutora comercial, voz femenina, cáncer de mama, prevención, auto exploración, announcer, commercial announcer, female voice, breast cancer, prevention, self-screening


Voice for a campaign that every year is of utmost importance to emphasize and that is the self-examination for breast cancer prevention. ADO was in charge of making this spot that I loved participating in, giving a voice that inspires confidence, a girl talking to another about the importance of prevention through self-examination.
locución incidental, locutora profesional, voz femenina, voz natural, incidental voice-over, professional voice-over artist, female voice, natural voice


This Expedia commercial made a great campaign in which I was able to give voice to the girl who stars in the commercial, representing the difficulties that we can sometimes face when it comes to booking travel, flights, accommodations, being Expedia the solution to enjoy a trip without worries.
mercedes benz, locutora comercial, locutora profesional, voz profesional, voz en off, mercedes benz, commercial voice-over, professional voice-over, professional voice, professional voice, professional voice-over, voice over


Elegance and power represented by the iconic Mercedes Benz brand and the powerful femininity of Laura Godoy. I loved giving voice to this project and the message it conveys for a campaign in Guatemala.
locutora, voz en español, acento neutro, locutora profesional, voz en off, voice-over artist, Spanish voice, neutral accent, professional voice-over artist, voice-over voice


Voiceover for a political campaign that seeks a connection with young people, to encourage everyone to be part of the change. I really liked the message that this campaign carries and that seeks words and messages that are directed to a specific audience and with a clear intention, naturalness that incites to action.
locutora mexicana, voz en off, acento neutro, locutora comercial, voz institucional, mexican voice-over, neutral accent, commercial voice-over, institutional voice


Banco Industrial transformed itself and tried to reflect it in this video, where at the beginning it portrays the beginnings of the bank and then a company that evolves according to the standards required by the financial market and society.
locutora institucional, locutora profesional, locutora comercial, voz femenina, institutional voice-over artist, professional voice-over artist, commercial voice-over artist, female voice


This is a clear example of an institutional locution, trying to project seriousness, commitment, formality to promote the results of the environmental audit.
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Voiceover for an internet campaign where 3 guests lead a contest to accumulate points and be part of the Excelerate experience. Casual, natural, friendly voice.
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Sears TV commercial, the voice is salesy, friendly and seeks to invite the audience to be part of the benefits of the products offered in this important department store.
locución amable, voz femenina, locutora mexicana, locutora profesional, friendly voice-over, female voice, mexican voice-over artist, professional voice-over artist


Cheerful voice-over aimed at a children's audience and their parents. A fun learning program.
locutora institucional, voz femenina, voz en español, voz en off, grabación de voz, institutional voice-over, female voice, Spanish voice, voice-over, voice recording


Institutional voice-over for the presentation of this park in Mexico City. The voice seeks to represent the seriousness, commitment and support of the institution, as well as the innovation that accompanies the project.
locución institucional, teletón, locutora, locutora profesional, voz en off, institutional voice-over, telethon, voice-over artist, professional voice-over artist, voiceover


Voiceover for the promotion of the Guatemala Telethon, a voice that seeks to connect with society and make it part of this event that seeks the cooperation of an entire country to support those who have less in unfavorable health situations. Strong message of this campaign where "We are all one".
locutora institucional, voz en off, locutora profesional, grabación de voz, voz institucional, institutional voice-over, professional voice-over, professional voice over, voice recording, institutional voice


This voice over seeks to connect with those who are about to decide their career path and the importance of choosing an option that really gives them the tools to have an education that will catapult them to job success.
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For the state of Querétaro, we recorded this video that I had the opportunity to voice in English, the idea is to open the doors to other markets for investment in a state rich in opportunities and in constant growth.
locutora bilingüe, locutora profesional, locución inglés, voiceover, professional voiceover, voiceover artist, bilingual voiceover, professional voiceover artist, English voiceover, voiceover, professional voiceover, voiceover artist


I participated in a small fragment of this video that I loved for the message it conveys about what it is to become a woman depending on the culture in which we grew up, in some cases it can be something that is lived in a kind, loving or happy way, in other places it goes hand in hand with mutilations and situations that are culturally accepted but we seek to raise awareness of it.
locutora bilingüe, bilingual voiceover, female voiceover, locutora profesional, voz en inglés, bilingual voiceover, female voiceover, professional voiceover, voice in English


English voice for a video that I enjoyed recording because of the relaxed style they wanted, the direction was looking for something simple and that the Latin accent was present.
locutora, spot tv, comerciales, petco, voz en off, announcer, tv spot, commercials, petco, voice over, voiceover


Voice for TV spot, promoting the importance of caring for our pets through food.
facebook, voiceover, female voice, voice recording, professional voice over artist


This video was made under the direction of Alejandro González Iñarritu, and in a very original way, makes an analogy between chairs, bridges, doorbells and Facebook's mission, which is to connect people, to find a space where to share interests, feelings, trips, to look for that connection with the world to remind us that we are not alone.
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Voice for a commercial that portrays in a funny way its efficacy to fight symptoms and problems as a result of a cold. For this commercial, a fresh voice was sought, but at the same time one that would give confidence in the support that Bisolvón provides against annoying phlegm.
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Voiceover for this video where Mobility ADO drives movement by connecting with people who love to travel, but driving mobility with awareness.
locutora profesional, voz femenina, voz en off, avena quaker, professional announcer, female voice, voice-over, quaker oatmeal


Voiceover for Quaker Oatmeal campaign, promoting healthy and fast food at an affordable price. We were looking for a commercial but friendly voice.
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Voiceover for Palmolive Naturals campaign, a voice that transmits naturalness, freshness, wellness.
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Voice for a social media spot for a real estate agency. We wanted to give an elegant voice that would transmit the exclusivity of the spaces they can offer to their clients.
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Voiceover for K-Mart commercial for the US Latino market, cheerful, confident voice promoting the benefits of a special summer sale.
locución incidental, locutora comercial, voces en español, locutora profesional, voz femenina, incidental voice-over, commercial voice-over, spanish voices, professional voice-over artist, female voice


Commercials are not just made up of institutional voices, there are many voices that can make them up and this commercial is a good example of that. I recorded some of the voices you hear whispering at the beginning, the "prejudiced voices", can you recognize mine?
locutora profesional, voz profesional, locutora mexicana, grabación de voz, voz de comerciales, professional voice-over artist, professional voice, mexican voice-over artist, voice recording, voice for commercials


Voiceover for social media campaign of this toothpaste, a voice with energy that promotes the benefits of using this toothpaste, the idea is to transmit a fresh voice for a fresh breath.
locutora bilingüe, bilingual voiceover, female voiceover, locutora profesional, voz en inglés, bilingual voiceover, bilingual voiceover, bilingual voiceover, female voiceover, professional voiceover, voice in English


English voice-over for Bonafont's institutional video, which was presented in international markets. The voice-over is institutional, but dynamic. The objective was to highlight the brand's values, culture and identity.
locutora, locución en español, locutora mexicana, godaddy, voz en off, locutora profesional, voice-over, spanish voice-over, mexican voice-over, godaddy, professional voice-over


Email marketing campaign, promoting the importance of the tools offered by the platform to boost businesses that increasingly require this presence on the Internet for a globalized market.
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This video has a very important message about our planet, the evolution of man and in his greed, the damage he has caused to natural resources. The voiceover is close, invites reflection, awareness and the search for new ways to take care of the resources we have.
locución en inglés, locutora bilingüe, bilingual voiceover, female voiceover, locutora profesional, voz en inglés, English voiceover, bilingual voiceover, female voiceover, professional female voiceover


Institutional voice-over in English for Valeo in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. This video shows different tools and workstations of the plant, along with the description of a friendly voice, which inspires confidence and knowledge of what is being talked about.
Locutora comercial, voz profesional, voz en off, locución para tv, comercial de TV, jalea real Grisi, commercial voice over, professional voice, voice over, tv voice over, tv commercial, Grisi royal jelly


Voiceover for TV commercials, this type of campaign requires a friendly voice that connects with the female audience and transmits the certainty that it is a product that offers a real benefit from the hand of natural ingredients.
Locución comercial, locución institucional, locutora profesional, voz en off, Commercial voice-over, institutional voice-over, professional voice-over artist, voice-over voiceover


Voiceover for an app that helps its users to receive fast and safe roadside assistance.
locutora portugués, locutora bilingüe, locutora mexicana, locutora profesional, portuguese speaker, bilingual speaker, mexican speaker, professional speaker


Voiceover in Portuguese to promote this skydiving experience at Xcaret Park in the Riviera Maya. I had the opportunity to record several contents for this project, and I loved being able to give voice in another language and accompany all the adventurers in this incredible experience.


English voiceover with Latin accent for this funny commercial for The Luxury Home Experts, giving voice to an empowered Latina who wants to sell her mansion through this Real Estate agency.

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