voiceover, narration, female voice, public affairs

Institutional Voice Over PUBLIC AFFAIRS

Announcement for corporate institutional video on security and strategy for public affairs
locutora, institucional, narración, voz en off

BINARIA ID voiceover

Announcement for institutional video about the benefits offered by the company in terms of security
locución en español, locutora, voz para video, grabación de voz, locutora profesional, spanish voiceover, voice over, voice for video, voice recording, professional voice over artist


Voiceover for software and hardware that helps to make simple collections at a point of sale. I have had the opportunity to record different contents for Square with specific instructions to guide users in its use and help them get the most out of this platform.
locutora institucional, locutora profesional, locutora comercial, voz femenina, institutional voice-over artist, professional voice-over artist, commercial voice-over artist, female voice


This is a clear example of an institutional locution, trying to project seriousness, commitment, formality to promote the results of the environmental audit.
locutora, locutora mexicana, locución profesional, locutora profesional, locutores, professional announcer, female voice, voice-over, quaker oatmeal


Voiceover for an internet campaign where 3 guests lead a contest to accumulate points and be part of the Excelerate experience. Casual, natural, friendly voice.
locución amable, voz femenina, locutora mexicana, locutora profesional, friendly voice-over, female voice, mexican voice-over artist, professional voice-over artist


Cheerful voice-over aimed at a children's audience and their parents. A fun learning program.
locutora institucional, voz femenina, voz en español, voz en off, grabación de voz, institutional voice-over, female voice, Spanish voice, voice-over, voice recording


Institutional voice-over for the presentation of this park in Mexico City. The voice seeks to represent the seriousness, commitment and support of the institution, as well as the innovation that accompanies the project.
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For the state of Querétaro, we recorded this video that I had the opportunity to voice in English, the idea is to open the doors to other markets for investment in a state rich in opportunities and in constant growth.
locutora, locutora profesional, locución comercial, locutores, voz institucional, voz en off, grabación de voz, voice-over, professional voice-over, commercial voice-over, voice-over talent, institutional voice, voice recording


This video has a very important message about our planet, the evolution of man and in his greed, the damage he has caused to natural resources. The voiceover is close, invites reflection, awareness and the search for new ways to take care of the resources we have.
locutora portugués, locutora bilingüe, locutora mexicana, locutora profesional, portuguese speaker, bilingual speaker, mexican speaker, professional speaker


Voiceover in Portuguese to promote this skydiving experience at Xcaret Park in the Riviera Maya. I had the opportunity to record several contents for this project, and I loved being able to give voice in another language and accompany all the adventurers in this incredible experience.


English voiceover with Latin accent for this funny commercial for The Luxury Home Experts, giving voice to an empowered Latina who wants to sell her mansion through this Real Estate agency.

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