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    • Pricing for voice-overs is usually determined by the length of the audio, as well as the medium in which it will be broadcast, whether it is radio, television, local or national, or whether it is a voice-over for internal use or for the Internet.

    • In order to provide you with a more accurate quote, you can send us an email with the script to be produced. If you don’t have a script yet, you can tell us how long is the audio you need, what kind of project it’s abut, if it’s for broadcast, audio for IVR system, for a website, if it’s a long production like an audiobook, or what kind of features it has.

    • Often we read the script and have an idea of how long it can be, but a very useful measure is a ratio of 160 words per minute at average speed for spanish language. The number of words per minute can vary according to the reading speed, but it is always better to have a little space and not exceed the number of words so that they remain in a shorter time, because the faster the reading, it is more complicated to emphasize or give the right intention to the text.

    • The audio will be emailed to you in the format you require. We usually deliver it in high quality .wav or .mp3 format, but please let us know what specifications you need.

    • I record in Spanish, English and Portuguese. However, if you need any other language, we have options available. Tell us about your project and we will be happy to help you make it happen.

    • Of course you can! Thanks to the Internet, I have been fortunate to work with clients in different parts of the world, so if you want to work with me, there are no borders that prevent it.

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